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Lost In Cult Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Gaming Journal, [Lock-On]

While they never really went away, the gaming industry has recently seen a resurgence of physical versions of games hitting the market. Ranging in everything from standard to collector‘s editions, these versions allow fans to hold a physical product in their hands or display on their shelves. Could the return of printed gaming magazines be next?

That definitely appears to be the goal of a UK-based company called, Lost in Cult. Announced earlier this week, the new publishing start-up announced that the Kickstarter campaign for the first issue of its new video game journal – titled [lock-on] Volume 1 – is officially live.

[lock-on] Volume 1 will present feature articles from industry veterans surrounding the past, present, and future of PlayStation, while also offering up other insightful content pieces about current video gaming affairs. In general, [lock-on] will be a video game journal that is “centered around all things gaming, pop culture, and art” with a focus on preserving and immortalizing aspects of gaming history in a physical form. [lock-on] also wants to be a platform that helps indie developers and aspiring artists and writers gain more exposure.

“Our aim is to deliver a collectible product that has both quality and design at the forefront of all we do”, says Lost in Cult Director, Jon Doyle. “[lock-on] Volume 1 will be relatable, informative, academic, and entertaining.”

The minimum backing amount is around $26, which will get you a digital version of the 155-page journal. For $2 more though (plus shipping), you’ll be able to snag yourself a physical printed version of the journal. The campaign – which ends on April 7, 2021 – is over halfway to its funding goal (at the time of this writing). There are no firm release plans for a Volume 2 yet, but the Lost in Cult team has “big plans” for the future of [lock-on], which includes more issues if the Kickstarter campaign garners enough interest.

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