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After Seeing Its Gameplay Trailer, I’m Pretty Sure Heavenly Bodies Is A Horror Game

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Ok. The headline of this article may be a bit dramatic, but after watching the gameplay trailer for Heavenly Bodies, from publisher and developer 2pt Interactive, I can’t help but feel like the anti-gravity adventure and puzzler has all the makings of a horror game. Just hear me out.

Heavenly Bodies is a game about 1970’s cosmonauts who are working throughout various areas of their space station, all while battling the pros and cons of being devoid of gravity. Players will be using their dextrous limbs to shimmy about the working area as they reconnect electrical wires, reposition satellites, and even maneuver their own miniature spacecraft as they work outside of the space station itself.

Here’s where the horror comes in. Have you seen Gravity starring Sandra Bullock – or any space epic, for that matter? The cosmonauts in Heavenly Bodies are working without any sort of safety precautions, which means that the slightest misstep could send them hurtling off into the darkness of space never to be seen again. To me, that is utterly and profoundly terrifying.

I know that Heavenly Bodies isn’t going for a sort of horror vibe, but how can anyone not be slightly on edge when such a terrifying situation is only a slip of the finger away? Thankfully, tools and the ability to play with another player in local co-op will increase your chances of surviving a bit more, but that wouldn’t exponentially increase my comfort level while working outside of a space station.

Ultimately, Heavenly Bodies looks super fun, especially with a second player. I’m just saying that I’ll be categorizing it as a horror game, because the thought of floating all along in deep space scares the bejesus out of me.

Heavenly Bodies will launch later this year on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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