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Today Is The Final Day To Back Marvel United: X-Men

There are Kickstarter success stories… and then there’s Marvel United: X-Men.

Today marks the final day in the Kickstarter campaign for the second game in the Marvel: United series from developer CMON, featuring everybody’s favorite mutants, the X-men. The campaign has absolutely smashed its $300,000 funding goal, currently sitting at nearly $5.5 million in crowdsourced funds. This beats the original game’s campaign as well, which still pulled in an impressive $3.1 million.

If you’ve been waiting to get in on the Marvel: United tabletop action, today is your last chance to not only snag all of the Kickstarter exclusives but to also secure all of the original exclusives from the core box’s campaign with the Ultimate Classic Bundle add-on, which will run you a cool $515 once the project ends.

Better hurry, though. The campaign ends in less than six hours!

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